Bride for the Billionaire Single Dad Bonus Epilogue


Shifting from one foot to the other, I try to look like I’m hanging on to every word being spoken by the man at the podium. As the guest of honor, it’s what the hundreds of people gathered in this ballroom expect from me.

At this particular moment, I couldn’t give a fuck about the pile of praise the master of ceremonies is piling on me.

Oh, sure, I’m proud of the work my company and foundation have done to support this and the myriad of other charities we give funding. What’s the good of having money if you aren’t doing good with it?

But how can I possibly be expected to give one iota of a fuck about anything when my wife is trailing her fingers suggestively over my thigh under the table?

I steal a sidelong glance at her. She’s dressed in a silver satin dress that clings to every one of her curves. With her swept up into an elegant bun and her lips painted to perfection, she looks every bit the part of a billionaire’s wife.

And with those lips painted a fuck me red and the way her curves are on display, this particular billionaire is damn glad she’s here with me. Now and forever.

My wife is quite a woman. I knew it from the moment we met. And she’s proven it over and over again in the years since.

I take another glance. If I’m not mistaken, her full breasts look even bigger and twice as tempting with the way the fabric is stretched across. She’s still breast-feeding our daughter Gigi, who is six months old. Motherhood truly suits Maya in every sense of the word.

In addition to being the world’s best mom to the baby, Grace, and three-year-old Grayson, Maya is also actively involved in fundraising for regional children’s hospitals and early education programs. She also volunteers at a number of organizations.

My woman doesn’t do anything halfway. Including loving me. I really am a lucky man.

Catching my stare, Maya winks at me. My cock grows even harder.

Licking those lips, she leans toward me, her gaze once again fixed on the speaker.

“After you accept this award,” she whispers, “I think you should meet me in front of the painting of a bowl of fruit down the hallway.”

I arch an eyebrow. “You want to look at art?”

She shakes her head. “I want to pull you into the storage closet next to it so you can fuck me.”

I nearly swallow my tongue.

Darting my gaze at her again, it’s impossible to miss the heat and desire in her eyes. I can only imagine how my own look right now.

Her lips curve into a playful grin as the room erupts into polite applause.

“I believe you’re needed up on the stage to accept your award.” She gives me a chaste kiss as we rise to our feet. “Make it a quick acceptance speech.”

With the promise of what’s to come after, she doesn’t have to tell me twice.

* * *

I hope you enjoyed this bonus scene for Bride for the Billionaire Single Dad. I hope you will also check out the next installment in the series: Bride for the Billionaire Next Door.

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