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He saved my life. Now it’s my turn to save his.


My brother’s best friend disappeared into the Montana wilderness three years ago. No one has heard from or seen him since. But after he misses three major events in the lives of our friends, I can’t sit quiet any longer. So I pull a few strings and find his cabin tucked away in the woods.

Only Eli isn’t the most welcoming of hosts. And I know I have my work cut out for me if I’m going to get through to him.



There’s a reason I left my old life behind. No one I care about is ever safe. And I can’t risk putting my best friend’s baby sister in harm’s way. 

But the longer she sticks around, the harder it is for me to push her away. How can I make her see that I’m a lost cause? 

Saving the King of the Mountain is a standalone steamy short romance set in the mountains of Montana.
It’s the story of second chances, hope, and love finding a way.
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